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Christian Boycott Leader Shifts to Corporate Engagement

American Family Association has been the leader among evangelical Christians when it comes to boycotting companies that violate the values of their Christian customers. AFA still leads in that area, but recently they widened their mission to focus their attention on the powerful strategy of shareholder corporate activism. Non-profit ministries often are given stocks as gifts from donors, but they do not use the legal authority that comes with those stocks to influence the companies they own. AFA is breaking the mold by using shares in Apple, and also banks they own, to oppose the pernicious practices of deplatforming and/or debanking Christian and conservative customers. AFA's Walker Wildmon reveals for the first time in this interview how AFA itself was the victim of debanking by the payment service Stripe and also how a security company refused to help the AFA protect its employees from violence because that company didn't like AFA's politics.

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